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Friday, April 27


‘Kimbolo’ is what Ruth’s mum would always call me. It started when I told Ruth about how my grandma calls me and Aunty Mary overheard and started calling me that too ever since, when she calls me on my mobile, when she sees me in her kitchen with Ruth, when she talks to me. I would always remember her calling me Kimbolo and telling me that I was like a daughter to her. She’d tell her friends and say that I’m her god-daughter and her youngest daughter. Every time I’m in Miri, I would drop by Ruth’s place to spend time with Ruth and her mother. We would spend whole afternoon and evening preparing for dinner because we wanted to let Aunty Mary take her regular afternoon nap without worrying about dinner. I could also never forget how I always accompany Ruth to run errands for her and bring her to the bank and everything. It has NEVER crossed my mind that things would end so soon, it has never came to thought that during Ruth’s wedding was the last time we drove around town running errands and doing shopping together, never would I thought that that dinner at Gloria hotel was the last.



I’m never ever good at comforting people, especially during times like this. I am so afraid of saying the wrong things, all I can do is to spend time with you and lend you an ear, anytime you need me.

At times like this, you’d feel that life is not fair and things should not end up this way. You told me a few times that ‘it’s not fair’ and it’s so obvious you feel like shit, I feel that I do not have the right to tell you: I know how you feel, or I understand because I’d be lying if I say so. The only thing I can do or I really want to do is to give you this massive hug and tell you to let your feelings flow, telling you how strong you are and if I were in your shoe, I would be a total mess.

Please don’t regret or feel terrible for not seeing mum for the last time before she left. You are always on her mind and she would not want you to feel that way, knowing the bubbly her. She’d brush you off telling you not to be silly and tell you not to think that way. Actually, I thought back, of those times when you were in Miri and how much time you spent with mum, there is nothing to regret or feel bad. You spent every moment you could to be with her and help her in any way you could. Even if we wanted to go out and eat, we even went out with mum and still have time for each other. She was so happy around the both of us. So don’t ever feel that you did not have the chance to see her last Sunday.

Those memories we have now and those time that we spent together are so precious, we’d never forget. We’ll make it Natania’s bedtime stories and my daughters bedtime stories next time, telling them how funny and bubbly grandma was and telling them hilarious moments they missed out.

I know I’ve said this a lot of times, but I love you very much. I’m so proud of how strong you are, even during times when you did not want to be. Don’t hold back your feelings and always remember crying does not mean that you’re weak.


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Tuesday, April 24



The childhood friend (cum bestie) came over to the big brum to spend christmas and half of new years eve with me.. She has left brummie for 17 days already, both of us miss each other so much.. I never thought this would happen.. HAHAHA.. I thought that I couldn’t wait for her to go back, so I can get on with my assignments.. But when I’m so stressed out with everything and when I want to talk to someone in my ‘little cottage’ (nana claims its a cottage, I don’t know why.. ITS A FLAT), I end up with no one to talk to and then resort to whatsapp-ing Jane or whoevers available.. I have to admit again, we really enjoyed our chit-chat sessions.. We talk about the weirdest things.. In Malaysia, we go to places like mamaks and ayam penyet or where ever, to chit-chat.. But when she was here, we lie down on my bed, lights off, cuddle in and chit chat.. hahahaa.. It felt familiar, actually.. WE USE TO DO THAT WHEN WE WERE YOUNGER!! =D *slapshead* I thought it felt new.. lol.. Cold weather, and cuddly blankies.. We have aircondtioners in Malaysia too.  -_________________-





Partners in Crime.

Serious Crime.


LOL. Sister Yatty calls me the biker chick.












































P/s: This post was written on the 17th of January, 2012. I saw a draft in my account. AND FOUND THIS POST. lol

Sunday, December 18









You will never see how weak I am.


You will never have that chance to bring me down.


I don’t know why are those tears strolling down my face.





I do not want to know how you feel.


Neither do I want you to know how I feel.


Enough is enough, thanks for the memories.


No matter how many tears I shed, I grow stronger every time.


And every time I grow stronger, I move a step forward, a step further away from you.





I know that’s what you wish for deep down inside.







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Early Christmas present!

Sunday, December 11


I woke up thinking of my parcel from ASOS this afternoon! I was sooo excited.. Because Ruth and Norman got me an early Christmas present after knowing that I do not have enough warm clothes and also after knowing that NONE of my family members have been contacting me for the past nearly 2 months.. Sigh.. Don’t want to even get there, that hurt I have inside is starting to turn into frustration and anger..


Back to Ruthies Christmas pressiee!! I was ecstatic to know that I am entitled for the Next Day Delivery!! And ASOS is VERY efficient, I strongly recommend! =D So I woke up and got online and check where on sweet earth is my parcel, and I received an email saying that ‘Darling’ has signed for my parcel… I don’t know whether the Management of my student hall is trying to be cute in front of the delivery man, or is that really her name.. wtf.. But push silly things aside, back to my parcel!! I practically walked back to my flat with this huge grin on my face all the way.. hahahaa..



Ruth got me:











This padded jacket was thinner than I expected, but it’s okay!

Love it!


{p/s: ignore that receipt on the floor. wtf}



Then this black parka, IS SUCH HUGE LOVE!!

This HAS to be my ultimate favourite.

Admits that I love it because of its orange lining. LOL!






The golden shimmer top and necklace I chose

I SELDOM find necklaces to my liking.

but this one is JUST SO PERFECT!!!

and it’s a wooden heart!




OMG, then I realised that my eye bags are like ham burgs in the whole of this post.. Crap.. I woke up and went to the management with swollen puffy eyes.. lol! =( Partly because last night I had drinking session at Weng’s place, and NO I do not get drunk easily.. but last night, I started talking a lot of shit which I remembered, and it was really stupid.. wtf and Today is pay-back time.. LOL I have to finish my presentation slides these few days.. *MOANS* photoshop photoshop photoshop photoshop photoshop photoshop


Regardless of ham burgs or kronen burg (wtf it rhymes LOLOLOL) I really have to thank Ruth and Norman so muchhh!! =( I cried while Ruth called me yesterday, but I was too ego to sniff ‘publicly’, because I didn’t want her to be worried and start asking me things.. And the husband and wife was so considerate, asking me to get 2 coats just in case I need to wear them in layers or send one to wash.. =,( SUPER TOUCH LA CAN?! then the golden shimmer top and necklace is what I bought with the left over money from the gift voucher.. I SHOULD’VE GOTTEN MORE NECKLACES!! *Greedddyyy* =D







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